Touch of revolusion

Sptlss - Touch of revolusion постер
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Текст песни

Sptlss - Touch of revolusion tik tok remix
Touch it bring it pay it watch it
Turn it leave it stop format it
Touch it bring it pay it watch it
Turn it leave it stop format it

Aiyyo Swizzy
I told these niggas I was coming back to bust they ass!
Okay! Remix! Part two!

See now you know who the God be
Back runnin' the city and you know who the squad be
Flipmode bitch look see ain't nothin' changed
Now I'm back with the remix with the Queens of the game (Turn it up!!)
When you see me in the spot you niggas better respect it
Y'all already know where I rep ain't no reason to check it
And I know that you ain't fuckin' with me just for the record
So instead I'mma let Mary J. Blige come and set it
(Now get low Mary)

Maybe you can guess who it is (Uh-huh)
Mary J. Blige I'm 'bout to handle my biz (Uh-huh)
I'm on my grown woman still I rep for the kids
In every hood and all my peoples doin' a bid (Turn it up!!)
Now you know who's really the queen deliver the mail
Seven hundred thirty thousand first week of my sales
The hater's plot and they watch lookin' all pale
While I'm on a yacht overseas doin' my nails

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