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Escapism (sped up)

RAYE, 070 Shake - Escapism (sped up) постер
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I don't wanna feel how I did last night

Doctor, doctor, anything, please

Doctor, doctor, have mercy on me

Take this pain away

You're asking me my symptoms, doctor

I don't wanna feel

Took this joint how I'm blowing this steam

Back to my ways like 2019

Not 24 hours since my ex did dead it

I got a new man on me, it's about to get sweaty

Last night really was the cherry on the cake

Been some dark days lately and I'm findin' it cripplin'

Excuse my state

I'm as high as your hopes that you'll make it on my bed

Get me hot and sizzlin'

If I take a step back to see the glass half full

At least it's the Prada two-piece that I'm trippin' in

And I'm already actin' like a dick

Know what I mean?

So you might as well stick it in

Just a heart broke bitch

High heels six inch

In the back of the nightclub, sipping champagne

I don't trust any of these bitches I'm with

In the back of the taxi sniffing cocaine

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