Jae Trill

Jae Trill - Jotaro! постер
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Текст песни

Jae Trill - Jotaro!

Call me Jotaro I'm a star and all my shit go platinum

Ain't told no lie but I'll get to cappin' when I up this Magnum

You know I'm always in the game just like my name is Madden

Fuck you to anyone who said I couldn't make it happen

Niggas always envy me when

I'm on go mode

I get 100s checks with commas by the boatload

I got the video cameras on me so I'm ready to GoPro

Money is stuck to me nobody fuck with me

You shoulda been known

I am the brand new anomaly

Name me a rapper that's toppin' me

Count bread like it's Wonder

I'll never go under

I'm running the game like Monopoly

Nobody stoppin' me

Claiming the prophecy

Switch to newer shit Mario Oddysey

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